Issues & Political Concerns

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The people of Wilkes County are smart, hard-working, and extremely proud to call this place home. However, it often feels like the deck is stacked against them when too many people are afraid to open up their mailbox to see the medical bills that await them, or work too hard at several jobs just to make ends meet.

Below are a few of the issues I am passionate about and want to help all I can as County Commissioner:


It's time to build and fund a first-class public education system in Wilkes. It is the single-largest employer, so we need to support our teachers to the fullest.


Wilkes County will greatly benefit from NC Medicaid expansion, and our commissioners need to prioritize the protection of our county's natural resources, as well as address the opioid crisis head-on.

The Economy

Wilkes County must be committed to building a stronger economy that works for everyone, build up our infrastructure, increase access to rural broadband, and create a living wage for the hard-working people of this county.


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